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Why study in Poland?

We wrote about scholarships in Poland, paperwork needed to study in Poland, places to study in and visit, Polish student organizations, culture and language... but you might still ask(...)


How to find a scholarship in Poland?

Are you thinking of studying in Poland? Or perhaps you'd like to do your PhD here, come for an artists residency or conduct short-term research? You can find a(...)

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Charter of Principles for Good Scholarship Programme

Scholarship programmes help change the world! Thanks to them, young people can make the most of their own talents and make life decisions following their skills and dreams. Good(...)

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Places to visit in Poland

If you are an international student in Poland - or are planning to study here - it's worth to take some time to explore the country. Poland has many(...)

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Studying in Poland: formalities

Applying for studies abroad always involves quite a bit of paperwork. Translating documents, finding the right health insurance, getting a visa... it can be a handful! If you are(...)

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Get involved! Student organizations in Poland

One of the benefits of studying is the opportunity to get involved in various student activities. Polish universities host a diverse array of student organizations. These range from large,(...)

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Award for Ukrainian Scientists in the fields of molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, immunology, bio-medicine

The Kosciuszko Foundation is pleased to announce a competition for scientists from Ukraine, who, as a result of the Russian invasion, found themselves in Poland, or who are still(...)

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Where to study in Poland?

With over a hundred public higher education institutions (HEIs), and more than 300 private ones, Poland offers a variety of educational opportunities. While choosing your educational path, it is(...)

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Scholarship Seasons in Poland

When do You think is the best time to look for scholarships? Does a "scholarship season" - defined as a time during the year when many scholarship offers are(...)

how to learn polish?

How to learn Polish?

How to improve your Polish language? This article contains useful information on how to get up to speed with the Polish language. As cliché as it may seem, it is worth(...)