The Kosciuszko Foundation is organizing academic courses for Ukrainian students in humanities and social sciences. Our

Flying University Courses for Ukrainian Students

Flying University Courses for Ukrainian Students (FUUS) will assist students whose lives have been disrupted by the war. FUUS is supported by the Kosciuszko Foundation (New York and Warsaw). Фонд(...)

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Scholarships for refugees from Ukraine

As part of the effort to help people fleeing Ukraine, various non-profit organisations, universities and local governments decided to open emergency funds and scholarship programs dedicated to this group.(...)

higher education system in poland

Higher Education System in Poland

Higher education in Poland conforms to the guidelines from the Bologna Process in European higher education. The European standard in higher education makes it easier for students to obtain(...)

The Lane Kirkland Scholarship Program

The Lane Kirkland Scholarship Program

For over 20 years now, the Lane Kirkland Scholarship Program has been supporting individual development of young, ambitious and active citizens of selected states in Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central(...)

scholarships for professionals in poland

Scholarships in Poland for other groups (experts, leaders, journalists, artists)

Scholarships for other groups Most people associate scholarship programmes with formal system of education only. Nevertheless, there are variety of fellowships dedicated to leaders, experts, journalists, artists and other groups. Thus,(...)

scholarships for doctoral students and researchers in poland

Scholarships for doctoral students and researchers

If you are a doctoral student or a researcher planning a stay in Poland - this article is for you! In this short guide we present several comprehensive scholarships(...)

scholarships for foreign students in poland

Student scholarships for foreigners in Poland

Student scholarships In this article, we present several scholarship programmes dedicated to foreigners wishing to study in Poland. If you are considering becoming part of the Polish academic community, but(...)

my scholarship direction ukraine

Direction: Ukraine

In this article from the series Direction: the world, we will tell you what studying in Ukraine is like and what the specifics are. We point out the similarities(...)

direction poland scholarship

Напрямок: Польща — для кандидатів з України / Direction: Poland — for students from Ukraine

Ukrainian version Напрямок: Польща — для студентів з України Ця стаття з циклу Напрямок: світ – інша. Цього разу ми не пишемо про інші країни, в яких можуть навчатися польки та поляки, а(...)