An astronaut flying in space. Yellow subitles: scholarship microcosm

Polish Scholarship Microcosm

Do you know how to navigate the world of scholarships? In this guide, we take you into the Polish scholarship microcosm: we will tell you how to navigate the world(...)

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How to fill out a scholarship application in Poland?

The first step to applying for a scholarship is usually to submit an application. Therefore, the question of how to fill out a scholarship application is one of the(...)

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Who can get a scholarship?

Who can get a scholarship?, can I get a scholarship? These questions may arise in our heads at different stages of life. The answer is simple: scholarships are not(...)

Fellowship for Ukrainian journalists graphic

Fellowship Program for Journalists and War Correspondents from Ukraine

Today we are announcing the new edition of fellowship program for Ukrainians. Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation announces scholarships for journalists and war correspondents in Ukraine (Fall 2023 edition)! Main information: (...)

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Academic year in Poland

If you are considering studying in Poland, it might be helpful to learn about the structure of the academic year. While there are some differences between individual universities, in(...)

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Why study in Poland?

We wrote about scholarships in Poland, paperwork needed to study in Poland, places to study in and visit, Polish student organizations, culture and language... but you might still ask(...)


How to find a scholarship in Poland?

Are you thinking of studying in Poland? Or perhaps you'd like to do your PhD here, come for an artists residency or conduct short-term research? You can find a(...)

Charter of Principles for Good Scholarship Programme. In the center there is the title of the article in bold yellow letters.

Charter of Principles for Good Scholarship Programme

Scholarship programmes help change the world! Thanks to them, young people can make the most of their own talents and make life decisions following their skills and dreams. Good(...)

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Places to visit in Poland

If you are an international student in Poland - or are planning to study here - it's worth to take some time to explore the country. Poland has many(...)

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Studying in Poland: formalities

Applying for studies abroad always involves quite a bit of paperwork. Translating documents, finding the right health insurance, getting a visa... it can be a handful! If you are(...)