how to learn polish?


How to learn Polish?

How to improve your Polish language?

This article contains useful information on how to get up to speed with the Polish language.

As cliché as it may seem, it is worth noting that you need to use the language every day to improve your knowledge of it. Polish is no exception. Here are some examples of where to find the resources.

Free mobile apps and portals for language learning

You can use different mobile apps to increase your vocabulary. Here are a few of them where you can set English as your native language and learn Polish:

  • FunEasyLearn — is a free app for learning foreign languages in a game format. Six thousand words are available for learning.
  • Mondly — with the help of the application you can learn basic dialogues that will help in communication.
  • Duolingo — a mobile application for learning foreign languages ​​that allows you to gain new knowledge thanks to the principles of gamification.
  • Quizlet — internet portal with Flash Cards. The user has a “card” for each term, which they can turn over. One side shows a word in your native language, the other — in a foreign language.


For most young people, music is an essential part of life. It is music that helps you discover other people’s lifestyles and philosophies. It can be the basis for an interest in other countries, cultures and nationalities that were unfamiliar to us.

The Polish music market is pleasantly surprising in its scale. This means that everyone can find something to their liking. For example, rap, the world’s most popular music style, counts no less than 400 famous singers in Poland.  But the number is growing. Where to start, what topics the most famous rappers raise, you can find out from the article on Kulture Vulturez portal. Discovering the artist as a person, we understand more of their creativity and as a consequence, we practice Polish.

In addition, while listening, you should use the Genius service to analyze the text and read comments on its meanings.


Nearly 90% of Poles have access to the Internet, which is why Polish Internet users are very active in social networks, especially YouTube. Demand generates a steadily growing supply, and more and more Polish content appears every day.

Most of the videos are very local, but you can find some useful ones to help you improve your vocabulary. Subtitles should be included before you start watching, they increase the chances of understanding everything.  Here are a few channels:

  • Fabryki w Polsce — is an analogue of the American program “How It’s Made”. The videos are about ten minutes long and are full of different words. Names of materials, foodstuffs, professions, place names appear all the time.
  • Good Times Bad Times PL — political reviews. The channel presents the Polish view of geopolitical processes, as well as the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine for the whole world. The video uses specific vocabulary to describe processes of military and political nature. Also in English.
  • Pomysł Na Dom — short videos presenting various buildings and designs. The videos contain very interesting vocabulary, which will come in handy in the future.
  • Browar Kopyra — a video blog about beer. The culture of alcohol consumption is a very rich one. To be a part of it, you have to know it from the inside out. The content is full of names of processes, flavors and ingredients related to brewing and more.
  • Chłopaki w podróży — this channel is full of everyday life, reflections related to it and ways to relax.

There are many ways of self-improvement, but the most important is that they are pleasant for you. Even one ten-minute video every day can turn into 60 hours of learning over the course of a year. Trying to get up to speed on the Polish language should be an enjoyable recreation, not hard labor.

Author: Danylo Solovei